This little square represents everything that happened in your life today.

What would you like to draw inside?

empty infinity square

This little square represents everything that happened in your life today.

What would you like to draw inside?

empty infinity square

Daily intuitive journaling for creatives

Reconnect with yourself and stay in balance

Realign with the North Star of your personal purpose

Regenerate the world by shining your inner light wherever you go

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Today is the most important day of your life

Watch it unfold beautifully with your Infinity Squares

Intuitive journaling and a mindfulness practice

Daily moment of self-time and grounding

Deep connection with everything that matters to you

What will you draw in your square today?

empty infinity square

Hey, I’m Michal (Me-How). I created Infinity Squares, and used them consistently for over 1400 days, to keep reducing the gap separating my current and ideal life, on a daily basis.

Infinity Squares are all about intuitive journaling. Rather than forcing you to follow a structure that might not resonate with you (eg. when using a pre-made journal), Squares provide a blank canvas for you to stay free and connected with yourself, while benefiting from access to journaling superpowers.

There are infinite ways of using Squares, hence the name. If you feel like finding your own, then I’d be delighted to show you where to start. The easiest way is to leave your email below and I'll be in touch.

Thank you for being here. Now let’s make some Magic.


What will you draw in your Square today?

Hey, I’m Michal (Me-How). I created Infinity Squares, and I'd be delighted to show you where to start. The easiest way is to leave your email below and I'll be in touch. Thanks for being here ✨.

Watch your days unfold beautifully with your Infinity Squares

A page of Infinity Squares

Intuitive journaling for creatives on a path towards meaning, beauty and alignment ✨

Infinity Squares tell the story of you.

The story of those wonderful days when everything feels aligned.

Infinity Square displaying a good day

And, inevitably, the challenging moments when the Shadow creeps into your heart.

Infinity Square displaying a challenging day

Life unfolds unpredictably, and it's easy to lose balance and perspective of what's really important.

It happens to all of us.

We say "yes" to things that don't resonate.

We fall (again) into destructive patterns.

Two Infinity Squares displaying a behavioural pattern

The thing is:

You already know your patterns and you already have the tools to work through them.


Sometimes you just don't. It's frustrating 🤯.

Three Infinity Squares with negative situations

Life is (like) meditation.

Whether you're on the verge of enlightenment, or still have a few reincarnations to go, you know exactly what to do:

Bring your attention back to the present moment, and make a deliberate choice to engage in the action that would reduce the gap separating your current life from your ideal life.

You have set the intention. Now it's time to act.

What will you draw in your Infinity Square today?

Empty Infinity Square

Hey there, I'm Michal (Me-How). I've created the Infinity Squares and I have used them consistently for over 1400 days.

A journal full of Infinity Squares

I don't need to convince you that journaling is powerful. You already know that.

What I can show you is how to create your own intuitive journaling practice, fully aligned with your unique personality, so you can journal more often and benefit from an abundance of journaling superpowers.

Infinity Squares with different use ideas

Think of it as a set of Lego bricks. You can follow a pre-made journal, and it might look pretty in the end, but it will never be truly yours.

My mission is to encourage you to turn an empty notebook into a powerful artefact, fueled by your very own flavour of magic.


Infinity Squares Online Course

  • 12 actionable lessons designed to get you started immediately

  • Real journal scans, examples and case studies

  • Live support from Michal (via email)

  • New Journal Transition Guide

Infinity Squares Course marks the beginning of the JournalSmarter Membership, launching on the New Moon 6 October 2021 🌑. Here's what's coming:

  • Life Navigation Charts (journaling tools with real-world application)

  • Courses and workshops

  • Co-journaling sessions

How does this course work?

course components: async-first, immediately actionable, relational, modular

We're all tired of never ending zoom calls and spending our entire lives in front of screens. I don't want to add to that.

That's why the Infinity Squares Course is fully async, using a combination of email, articles and videos.

Our journey begins with a short email-based course, designed for immediate actionability. You can reply to me directly with any questions and I'll get back to you. Each email contains a short lesson and three options for learning by doing. Choose one, based on your energy that day:

  1. Tiny Habit – 10 second "consistency lifeline", designed to get you to open your journal even if your life got totally crazy that day.

  2. Minimum Viable Habit – 10 minute (or less) journaling exploration. Aim for as many MVH as possible to keep moving through the course.

  3. Deep Dive – Longer explorations and extra resources for deeper self-inquiry to unleash the full potential of your journal.

You get immediate access to this course, and you can take as long as you like to complete it. The course will conclude with the New Journal Transition Guide, to help you apply everything you have learned to your new, intuitive journal.

On the New Moon (6 October) the JournalSmarter Membership will officially launch and you'll get access to the constantly expanding universe of Life Navigation Charts, courses and workshops. Evolution never ends 🌱.

What about relational thinking?

There's nothing quite like thinking things through with another person. While this course is designed to be async-first, there are a few ways to harness the power of relational thinking.

Until mid December 2021, you'll have access to weekly Relational Weekly Review sessions – 45m not-recorded Zoom calls where we journal together and share with each other.

You'll also have access to upcoming journaling workshops free of charge.

All of the live sessions are optional, but I admit – that's where the relational magic happens.

Finally, you can always engage with me via email – conversations with beautiful people like you always makes me happy.

Why membership and not one time payment?

Infinity Squares Course is only the beginning.

Your membership gives you access to all of the journaling resources I'm launching this year.

That includes journaling courses, Relational Weekly Reviews and a growing collection of Life Navigation Charts – journaling tools with real-life application.

What if I want to journal digitally?

Infinity Squares are a paper-based journaling practice.

However, you'll be delighted to know that you can adapt most of the practices from this course to your preferred digital format.

Also, spoiler alert: the next journaling course will be all about digital journaling (and how to connect it with your analogue journal). Join before 30 September 2021 to benefit from the special pre-launch pricing on the JournalSmarter Membership, which includes all courses and workshops.

What will happen when I enroll?

I'll process your payment and send you an intro email. The email will ask you to get a journal and reply to me when you're ready. Once you give me the green light, I'll send you the email-based course. After the course you'll get access to everything else. We're taking one step at a time, to avoid unnecessary overwhelm.

Do you offer refunds?

I do. Let me know within 30 days from the date of your purchase, and I'll cancel your membership and give you a full refund with no questions asked. I'll miss you though.

Can I pay with crypto?

Yes. I accept SEEDS, LUNA and ETH. Contact me via this form to arrange the payment.

Where does my money go?

My big dream is to steward a piece of land, where I can build a tiny house off-grid and cultivate a regenerative agroforest, while catalysing a network of regenerative projects in my bio-region. I'm sharing my entire process as an open-source documentation (which is a good example of digital journaling) hoping to inspire others to engage in similar projects. The income from this course goes directly towards fueling this dream. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Michal Korzonek on a tree

Sending you a plentitude of good vibes from the Magical Forest 🌳


ps. If you have any other questions, just let me know via this form.

People around the world are using Infinity Squares to transform their life

Here's what they shared about their journey with us:

“I've made my year in review as always to close this year. Going through my calendar, the series of events, feelings and insights that I had, I realized how much of a great impact your work had on the positive outcome of my year. I'm slowly changing to become the person I would like to be. You gave me tools for that, by putting your heart in sharing your own life and learnings openly, as a coach, as a mentor, as a person."

– Flora Koczka; Transferwise

Flora Koczka Headshot

The way I move, breathe, see and hear changed drastically already and it all started through realising I am feeling disconnected and need to sense into my feet. So small but so incredibly powerful. I am beyond grateful for you all helping me realising how things can change and to what extend."

– Alina Manko; Enspiral & Open Collective

Alina Manko Headshot
A journal full of Infinity Squares

“I use the Infinity Squares daily and they changed how I journal; They allow me to shift habits over time, stay accountable to myself and to reconnect with my memories. Completing a square has become a daily ritual that inspires me, motivates me and reminds me to celebrate my progress. Life changes in little steps and each square is my stepping-stone to my best self.”

– Kate Rutter; California College of the Arts

Kate Rutter Headshot

“Look, I'll be honest. I am one of those messy guys - not extremely healthy, not super sporty, and I always feel I could be better. By chance I came across Michal and his methodology for using journaling as a tool to do incremental improvements in those habits I wanted to improve (starting by eliminating refined sugar from my diet). I was deeply impressed about it, about how clear it is and how it allows you to combine those small gains every day to carry on and stay motivated.

– Manel Heredero; OuiShare & Greaterthan

Manel Heredero Headshot
Infinity Square use case

“I have more clarity and focus, and that was my big goal for this course. I found it very useful to reflect on my individual purpose. Regular reflections in my journal helped me to learn how to say “no” when it’s needed and explain my decisions better to others.”

– Hartmut Hübner, PhD; Expert for communication and co-creation

Hartmut Hubner Headshot

“I have completely stopped smoking, drinking and taking recreational drugs. In turn this has drastically improved my meditation practice and spiritual life. It helped me to become vegan, which is something I had my sights on for a while. I have started to do more exercise and eat healthier, start to match my behavior with my values with regards to compassion, and no longer use TV as a way to numb my emotions. I have much healthier sleeping habits. One by one, I have been able to improve every area of my life! Except sugar intake - that's my next nemesis ;)”

– Camilla Ginty; Meditation Teacher

Camilla Ginty Headshot
A use case for Infinity Squares

„I appreciate things more. I had to really work on being grateful about the things (mostly people) that I have in my life currently and the Infinity Squares helped me be more grateful.”

– Urbano Baz; Front-End Developer

Urbano Baz Headshot

“Infinity Squares have become my daily companion and friend, not only helping me with eating more healthy but it also helped me better understand and handle the many daily challenges that life throws at me.”

– Ulrich Schur; Enspiral

Ulrich Schur Headshot
Digital Inifnity Square use case

"Sometimes personal development content can get quite airy-fairy, but information and resources in the Infinity Squares course were really solid and applicable, and I want to continue with this process.

– Sandy White; Dog Training Instructor

Sandy White Headshot

“I reflected on the 6 weeks I spent 'with you' and found that I was so much more organized and productive than I have been since.“

– Rhonda Pearlman; Real Estate Agent

Rhonda Pearlman Headshot
A journal full of Infinity Squares

“I have struggled with consistency and motivation for a really long time. And I would start habits but drop them soon after. The Infinity Squares Course has given me a really deep understanding not only of habit building and tracking, but also journaling for mental clarity and for the first time I am starting to being consistent with my healthy habits. I definitely recommend it, it starts with baby steps that anyone can follow and you can choose your own rhythm.”

– Beatriz Viula; Medical Doctor

Beatriz Viula Headshot

“I spent a year struggling with how to approach rebuilding routines. Michal and Silvia have created conditions to help me rebuild a strong foundation for a gentle evening routine, one that works and adds more meaning to my life.”

– Deepika Grover; Government of Canada

Deepika Grover Headshot
A journal full of Infinity Squares

My writing is finally feeling like a habit. I’m soooo glad I’m not forcing myself to remember anymore! I was even called a "great writer" TWICE last week. I can’t believe it’s only been two months. Hoping things stay like this!”

– Catharine Gibson; Marketing Manager

Catharine Gibson Headshot

My mindfulness practice and insights are deepening. I’m learning more about how to slip from busy mind to quiet mind. My mind is slowly becoming a quieter and more spacious place. It’s The. Best. Practice. Ever.”

– Deanna Vogt; Executive Coach

Deanna Vogt Headshot
A journal with Infinity Squares

Infinity Squares Online Course

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